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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Michelle Phan has changed her natural beauty with plastic surgery. She has several plastic surgery procedures for her dramatic changes. Michelle Phan who well known for her natural beauty has been reported to get at least nose job, Botox and chin implants.

MichellePhanPlasticSurgery Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan Nose Job

Nose job or medically known as Rhinoplasty has been well performed on Michelle Phan. However the result is subtle. We couldn’t see it easily. As you can see in Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures, you would find slight differences on it, if you carefully examine it.

It’s easy to see that her bigger nose in the past has become slimmer and smaller. You don’t think that it is the effect of Michelle Phan makeup, do you? The nose job performed by her nose specialist has changed some parts, such as the nose’s ala (the wing of nose) and the nose tip. Overall, the changes is good on Michelle Phan. It suits on her. What do you think? By the way, see Stana Katic, Michelle Williams and Michelle Pfeiffer who got better results of the nose job.

Michelle Phan Botox

Botox is one of procedures that supposed to be on Michelle Phan. Many people guessed so since Michelle Phan appeared with ultra-flawless skin. However,it is somewhat difficult to accept if she really got the Botox. She is 27 years old now, an age where Botox is an unimportant thing to be injected in her face.

Botox is not the only Michelle Phan got for her facial skin. This Youtube celebrity was also believed to get some other facial fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.

MichellePhanChinImplants Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Michelle Phan Chin Implants

Michelle Phan Chin Implants

Last but least, Michelle Phan was also strongly believed to get the chin implants. The result of the chin implants is obvious. As we all can see from Michelle Phan Before After Pictures, her chin has been narrowed.

She used to have have wider chin area. But the chin implants (which is probably combined with chin reduction) has reshaped it. Michelle Phan’s chin now becomes much slimmer with almost perfect V-line shape on it.

It is good to see that Michelle Phan got benefits from plastic surgery. It would support her appearances in practicing popular makeup tutorials on Youtube.

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