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Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Megyn Kelly was born to Edward Kelly – a professor in Syracuse University – and Linda Kelly – a house wife – on Nov 18, 1970 in New York. At the age of 15 years she lost her father, but this only made her stronger. With her mother’s support and her own hard work she graduated in political science from the same university her father worked. She then got into the Albany Law School and earned her degree in 1995. She got her first job as an associate for a big law firm. During her years as a lawyer she worked at a few different firms and represented some very influential clients. In 2003, she moved to Washington DC and got started working as a reporter in a major network. Her main job was to report local as well as national events. During this job she covered many important events related to the US Supreme Court. She also covered the 2004 presidential elections. She switched to Fox News after a couple years and became popular pretty soon. In 2010, she got to host her own show.

megyn kelly plastic surgery 550x344 Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly was considered quite beautiful during her youth. The only problem was her slightly misaligned nose, which often went unnoticed by many people. But with age her nose got worse and was easily noticeable. A couple years ago her nose suddenly became flawless and her face started looking more youthful. It was rumored to be the result of plastic surgery. Many suspected that she had a procedure done on her nose and got Botox injections, but she never confirmed these rumors. While the nose job and Botox are pretty sure, people are not yet sure about breast enlargement. There has been an increase in the size of her breasts, which could be due the way she has started to dress these days. While Megyn Kelly denies any surgeries, rumors are not stopping to spread. The controversy gained acceleration when she accused Kim Kardashian of publicizing plastic surgery as a way of attracting men. It does not seem that the rumors are going to get any confirmation from Kelly anytime soon.

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