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Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Megan Fox is one of American actresses who decided to play with plastic surgery. People could easily see any small changes on Megan Fox. But what she has not just small changes, we all can see that she has many changes on her face and body. So, what kind of procedures has she done?

The 28 years-old actress who portrayed Mikaela Banes in the film Transformers is believed has several plastic procedures. Those procedures are nose job (rhinoplasty), breast augmentation, botox as well as facial fillers. Let’s discuss it.

MeganFoxPlasticSurgery Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

Megan Fox Nose Job

The result of this procedure can be clearly seen in Megan Fox plastic surgery before and after pics. See how her rather bulbous nose in the past has been changed into a slimmer and pointier one. Megan Fox nose job succeeded to become a hot topic on the internet. Many of Megan Fox before after plastic surgery photos spread and enough to prove that the nose job has been done it a proper dose. She didn’t overdo it, a subtle change but gives significant effect on her face, the same case with other female celebrities like Blake Lively with her nose job.

Megan Fox Botox and Facial Fillers

Actually, Megan fox was reported deny that she has Botox injection done. However, that won’t stop people to find the truth. Just by seeing her latest facial appearance, it is hard to believe if it is the result of makeup effect. Today she has a stiffer and wrinkle-free skin throughout her face. Although she is still young, but that face is too weird to a woman. Botox and some facial fillers are widely believed by public as the reason behind it.

MeganFoxPlasticSurgeryBreastImplants Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Megan Fox Breast Implants

Breast implant has become one of procedures she passed through. Many of her before after pictures showed that her breasts have significantly changed. The boob job helped Megan Fox to gain bigger and fuller breasts than she used to have. It’s an easy work to see the differences, isn’t it? Megan fox got the result of breast implants, just like other breast implants patient. You may want to compare Megan Fox’s breast implants with Scarlett Johansson’s.

Some people would say that Megan Fox plastic surgery is a nightmare. She used to have beautiful, innocent face which is now (sadly) turned into something rather weird. Megan Fox may want to get a better look, but it’d better she stops playing with plastic surgery before it’s gone wrong.

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