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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Lip Augmentation Before After Picture

Meg Ryan plastic surgery is considered as a disaster by many people. No wonder, because plastic surgery has changed (if not ruined) her face. Her beautiful face in the past is just only a memory today. All we can see now is joker’s smile appears from her plump lips. Public actually has suspected Meg Ryan as a plastic surgery victim since years ago. In many occasions, she appeared different time by time. So, what kind of procedures she has?

MegRyanPlasticSurgery Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Lip Augmentation Before After Picture

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan is believed has lip augmentation. This procedure be responsible for her weird plump lips. Whatever she would think about her lips, all we can see is that her lips have changed into something worse than what she has in the past. Actress of When Harry Met Sally absolutely overdid it, creates disappointment spreads among her fans.

Let’s check her cheek. Just like her lips, her cheek is also weirdly plump. Many people believe that something has been injected there. Facial filler could be the appropriate procedure to explain that. But other possible procedure which is cheek implant fairly to consider as other procedure she got.

Beside those procedures, Meg Ryan is also suspected gets botox injection. Botox has helped her much in erasing the lines of aging sign. Her face especially around her forehead looks so flawless. Brow lift procedure adds the odd impression of her face. Meg Ryan’s eyes looks added with her weird smile has succeeded shock the public.

If plastic surgery is really a bad choice and has gone bad for Meg Ryan, at least she still gives a valuable lesson to others. Yes, someone would better think twice before get a wrong and overdone plastic surgery.

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