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Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you are in a state of wonder when I say Mary Steenburgen is in her 60’s, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Mary Steenburgen, who won Best Supporting Actress Academy Award and Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe Award for the character Lynda Dummar in the movie Melvin and Howard is often mistakes as she is in her 40’s. People say that she is the perfect example for how effective is plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure. We cannot blame anyone who says Mary Steenburgen has benefitted big time from Plastic surgery. Even though she undergone a surgery, she is naturally very beautiful. Mary Steenburgen is one lucky person with good genes that makes her look so good even in her 60s. Along with the good genes, she may have benefitted from the plastic surgery. But so far, the actress herself is yet to admit or deny the claim that she has undergone a surgery. Rumors have it saying she has undergone breast augmentation, botox and facial filler. With the traces of facial filler and botox, we actually has some proof that she may actually has undergone a surgery. With her breasts looking too good for her age, we have to assume that she has had a breast augmentation as well.

mary steenburgen plastic surgery before after 550x411 Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mary Steenburgen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even though Mary Steenburgen is 62 now, she still looks so soft, flawless and smooth. This is why we cannot deny the possibility of a plastic surgery. She has an amazing face unlike many other of her age who has a stiffed, expressionless frozen face. Many people claiming that Mary Steenburgen may have been taking botox injection in a moderate rate as the smooth wrinkles on her face can be used as a proof. But it is clearly visible that she doesn’t over use any of these as she still looks aging a more natural way. You can back this claim with her eyebrow, which looks a bit lifted. Fuller lips gives Mary Steenburgen cheeks and chin pumped look.

As for now, nobody knows whether she had undergone a plastic surgery or not as she is yet to admit it or deny it. All we know is she has been looking beautiful before in her thirties and forties. If the rumors are true then we have to admit that her doctor has done a wonderful job as she still looks stunning despite passing 60 year mark a couple of years ago.

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