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Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Marilu Henner has been surrounded with plastic surgery since more than four years ago. The speculation about Marilu Henner plastic surgery arose since she appeared much younger than her real 62 years age. Her flawless and smooth face skin is too good to come from her gene. Facelift, browlift and botox are possibles plastic surgery procedures she got.

MariluHennerPlasticSurgery Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery

Marilu Henner Facelift

At glance, Marilu Henner looks like a 35 or 40 years old woman. Yeah, her face looks tight that makes people mistaken about her real age. Although she looks good with her tight and youthful face, but sometimes it also looks unnatural. It’s too tight for woman at 60s. The occasionaly unnatural appearance of her face then made people wonder about the possibility of plastic surgery intervention.

Facelift is one procedures that can be the reason for her face condition. On average, plastic surgeon did good work on Marilu Henner face. As we can see in Marilu Henner before and after plastic surgery pictures, facelift has successfully pulled her face. This procedure is widely applied by some other famous old celebrities. (See Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah and Teri Hatcher as the examples)

Marilu Henner Browlift

Marilu’s brow looks a bit different with hers in the past. It is more lifted and pulled. Brow is another thing that supporting the unnatural looks on Marilu Henner. She used to appear naturally beautiful without any browlift indication on her. After seeing her comparison photos, what do you think about Marilu Henner browlift result?

Marilu Henner Botox

Botox is widely known as a method to fight aging. It would effectively erase the aging signs like wrinkles, frown and crow’s feet. And Marilu Henner seems to getting it, Botoxed-face skin in her 60s.

MariluHennerPlasticSurgeryPicture Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Picture

Her doctor seemed to injecting appropriate dosage of Botox. Her face is amazingly performing a 20 years younger skin. It is mainly on her forehead, where there is no frown appear. She should thank her surgeons to give her the miracle of plastic surgery. What do you think about Marilu Henner plastic surgery results.

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