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Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mariah Carey has always looked stunning. There is no doubt in that. The amazing singer rose to prominence in 1990 with her debut album called Mariah Carey, is now a bidding point of discussion among her fans with her constantly changing stunning looks. And as the rumors are already there that she has undergone plastic surgery more than once over past few years. We cannot deny the rumors or people spread them as Mariah Carey has changed a lot. She was looking very different in her earlier than she looks now. Rumors say Mariah Carey has undergone cheek implants, breast implants and nose job. Apart from this, Mariah Carey is also said to have used the benefits of liposuction to maintain her stunning looks.

mariah carey plastic surgery before and after 550x417 Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you have the early pictures of Mariah Carey, you can clearly see all the changes she had. She used to have a long nose with the bulbous tip before, but after the rumored surgery, she now has a newly shaped nose. It is slimmer, nicely shaped with a small tip. One must admit that the doctor has done a great job on her nose. Another big changed happened with her breast. They now look bigger and round, unlike the before. They are made more attractive now. Her newly implanted cheeks have given her face a new look as well. Mariah Carey probably has undergone a liposuction as well. Her new appearances suggest that she has a curvy sexy body. Rumors suggest that she might have undergone a liposuction and has removed all the unwanted fats in her body.

Even though the singer herself has denied all the claims that she has undergone any plastic surgery, she might be lying (not offense but). There is plenty of proof all around in her appearances that say she might have undergone more than one plastic surgery to look more attractive. As there are plenty of pictures of how she looked in the past all over the internet, it is hard for anyone to believe her words. For now all, we can do to congratulate the doctor who did the surgery so well that he/she has managed to give a new look to the songbird.

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