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Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Some celebrities have already fallen for the plastic surgery trap since their young ages. American singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion designer, Mandy Moore is kind of young celebrity who already familiar with plastic surgery. In her 30 years old, it’s easy to notice that this woman has had something done to her face.

People then wonder about the motive of actress who first came to prominence with her 1999 debut single Candy. She is pretty without any plastic surgery. Well, we know that Hollywood sometimes “whispers” something weird to their celebrities, including the need of plastic surgery though they are beautiful and still young.

MandyMoorePlasticSurgery Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery

Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Actually there are some other celebrities who got plastic surgery in their very young ages. However, we could say that Mandy Moore is still young enough for plastic surgery. By observing her Before and After plastic surgery pictures, you would say that actually this woman doesn’t seem to have the urgent need of plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

Judging her plastic surgery comparison pictures, this woman has her own fear to looks aged and older. That’s why when she reached her 30s, she then tried something to keep her youthful looks. She then took plastic surgery to prevent aging that usually started to appear on women in their early 30s.

But many people would agree that Mandy Moore plastic surgery, before and after is not too good for her. Of course she isn’t become uglier, but she lost something that we call as natural a beauty.

Mandy Moore and Her Unnecessary Botox

The first thing that can be noticed from her before and after face is the possibility of plastic surgery for botox injection. The botox injection can be clearly seen from the fact that her face looks so tight and stiff. This botox injection also makes her face looks so tired.

Worse, she looks like an older woman. Although Botox is able to remove laugh lines and crow’s feet, but that tight skin really makes Mandy Moore looks different. We may say that the Botox is really unnecessary thing for her.

MandyMoorePlasticSurgeryPicture Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Mandy Moore Plastic Surgery Picture

Mandy Moore Nose Maybe the Result of Rhinoplasty

Mandy Moore was accused to have nose job for her beautiful and iconic nose. It seems that people started to compare her before and after picture to find out that she used to have a bit bulbous nose. But by the time passed, she then showed us her beautiful nose with redefined look and shape that also combined with more pointed tip.

What Do people Say?

Many people then regret Mandy Moore plastic surgery especially the Botox one. They say that this woman is too young and too soon for plastic surgery. She doesn’t really need it, and she would always naturally beautiful for years farther without any plastic surgery. What’s your opinion about Mandy Moore plastic surgery?

Also see other female American singers with plastic surgery like Christina Aguilera, Tori Amos and Gwen Stefani.

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