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Madonna Plastic Surgery

‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna is famous for her lyrics and music videos that reportedly has too much imagery. Even though she arguably yet reaches the levels where Cher or Michael Jackson reached, she still is regarded being one of the best singers America has ever produced and her works has said to be inspired a lot of artists.

Recently, tabloids and blogs came out with the suggestion that Madonna may have undergone some cosmetic procedures to keep up her young look.

Madonna 550x309 Madonna Plastic Surgery

Even though Madonna claims that Kabbalah is the reason she still has the perfect look and also claiming that her inner beauty is the reason she looks so amazing outside, her wrinkleless smooth skin is said o be the result of the use of Botox. Experts say that her eye and forehead looks so unnaturally straight for a 57-year-old. This has started the rumors that she might have taken a facelift and implantation of collagen or adipose tissue. The hollows present in under her eyes are not as it was before.

Another thing they claim is the she has round cheeks as if she is a little girl. Expert says that this must be the result of using macrobiotics and hyaluronic acid.

Madonna has confirmed that she uses a cream of cream that is said have vitamins C and E in it are the reason she has round cheeks. She also claimed that use of green tea has also contributed to her appearance. But experts are not ruling out a possible surgery, on her upper and lower eyelids as they appear different now that they used to before.

She also said to have received a nose job. This rumor started long before at the beginning of the nineties. Even though she has already stepped up to reject the claim, experts are not ruling out the possibility of two surgeries. They say that tiny scars can be found on her nose if you look from sidewise.

Madonna has confirmed the use of collagen to make the video of Justify My Love. But you cannot rule out the use of fillers and possible surgery as well as her chin now appears more pointed than it used to.

And finally after the Oscar ceremony in 2009, speculations have it saying Madonna has received a neck lift surgery to make her neck look young. She is yet to confirm that rumors or deny it. But the scars behind her ears say that she has received one.

Madonna always had some controversy surrounding her, so we cannot rule out the possibility of surgery.

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