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Lynn Hung Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is not limited by race and skin color. It is not only happening on Hollywood or Korean celebrities, but also other celebrities from various countries. Lynn Hung is one of Chinese celebrities who is said to having plastic surgery on her. This Hong Kong model and actress is showing traces of plastic surgeon knife mainly on her face.

LynnHungPlasticSurgeryPicture Lynn Hung Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Lynn Hung Plastic Surgery Picture

Lynn Hung Plastic Surgery Before and After

By observing Lynn Hung plastic surgery before and after pictures, many people believed that this woman got plastic surgery to enhance her appearance, and smoother her modeling career. Some people said that her appearance is drastically changed. But of course we can’t say that she looked ugly before that plastic surgery performed. In fact, this woman has her own natural beauty and she looks good with it. But we know that in every place in this world, entertainment industry is kind of cruel thing. To reach the celebrity status, you should looks perfect and beautiful even if it’s from painful plastic surgery.

Lynn Hung and Her Facial Correction

It’s obvious that Lynn Hung getting facial correction done. She has corrected her nose through nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure. Her nose looks more pointed and sharper compared to her flat nose in the past. It’s easy to see the significant changes on Lynn Hung nose. She surely looks better with a better nose shape today.

Beside fixed her nose, Lynn Hung also refine her eyes look with eyelid surgery. Thanks to eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) her eyes look now appear wider and larger.

Meanwhile, for her facial contour, Lynn Hung is believed to get jaw implant procedure. This plastic surgery procedure made her face appeared longer. However it also made her to get a firm jawline.

She Also Probably Gets Breast Implant

Lynn Hung is also showing the indication that she gets breast enhancement. Her changing bust size makes us believe that she is doing something to get that sexier looks. Her body shape looks more curvaceous with protruding cleavage than before. It then strengthens the speculation about her breast implant procedure.

LynnHungPlasticSurgery Lynn Hung Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Lynn Hung Plastic Surgery

Lynn Hung Plastic Surgery Effect

It has been since a long time that Lynn Hung rumored in relationship with Asian superstar Aaron Kwok. But their relationship seems closer to its ending, they are rarely seen together now. It then makes the speculation that Lynn Hung was dumped by Aaron Kwok due to her plastic surgery. Aaron Kwok ever said that he can’t accept partner who has had plastic surgery done and will immediately dumped her if he find out about it.

Plastic surgery is really close to the image of world’s celebrity indeed. And it seems that Asian stars are doing the same. Beside Lynn Hung, Angelababy and Fan Bingbing are other famous Chinese celebrities who are linked with plastic surgery. See Fan BingBing and Angelababy plastic surgery.

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