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Luhan EXO Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Another member of EXO, Luhan was reported having some plastic surgery to enhance his look. Is that true? there’s no explanation from him about the plastic surgery. But, by seeing his before and after picture, it seems, the speculation was not just a rumor. He got different look n his face, the changes included his nose, jawline, chin and eyes too.

LuhanEXOPlasticSurgeryPicture Luhan EXO Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Luhan EXO Plastic Surgery Picture

Luhan might get eyelid surgery, like his senior in entertainments like Park Min Young or Lee Da Hae. Like common Korean people, Luhan used to have narrow eyes. And today his eyes looked more open. it is probably cause by the double eyelid surgery. His eyes is no longer narrow.

The second possible surgery was a nose job. This procedure had changed his face significantly. The rhinoplasty made his nose looked more pointed now. If you thin the plastic surgery is unreasonable, then you can compare it from the before and after picture.

Luhan EXO Plastic Surgery Before After11 Luhan EXO Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Luhan EXO Plastic Surgery Before After

Further, the 24 years old starlet also got other two enhancement on the jaw line. the jaw surgery gad reshape his face into a V line jaw, a same procedure that was done by his comrade, Baekhyun. He also got chin implant to make his face shape looked better.

The EXO member is loved by his fans so much. As one of the way to love him, the fans are already to fight the news about him and plastic surgery. They strongly believe that it was just an issue. They explain that the change on his appearance was naturally a growth effect.

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  • I stan ppl April 5, 2019, 6:23 am

    Mate how dumb can you be? He honestly looks the same. He just lost weight. His nose looks the same as before. If you put it in that angle, his nose looks more narrow. His eyes stayed the same. His jawline does indeed look a little different but it’s fine. Maybe he had the V line from the start but his chubbiness got in the way so you couldn’t see it.

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