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Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Everybody loved the young Li-Lo, who first starred in the remake of the Disney movie ‘The Parent Trap’ which came out in the year 1998. She rose to the fame with her fresh looks and the charm. She was immediately noticed and got her nomination for Blockbuster Entertainment’s Favorite Female Newcomer Awards. Lindsay Lohan, who came to Earth on 2nd July 1986, since has appeared in many successful movies that include Freaky Friday (2003), Scary Movie 5 (2013) Mean Girls (2009), to name a few.

Fame at a young age is usually is not treated well be the celebrities. Li-Lo is the perfect example of it. She failed to keep stay on the ground and soon was getting attention for all the wrong reasons. She suffered from drinking and drugs problems that took her to jail.


Lindsay Lohan 550x309 Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Just like many others from her field, Lindsay Lohan is also yet to acknowledge the fact that she did some treatments to keep up with the others. But Dr. Garth Fisher, who is known for plastic surgery, works with a celebrity can confirm that she did. He thinks that her looks have constantly changed since after 2006, and he criticizes her for the excess injection on her face. All the rumors about the surgery were hardly gone good with her as it started off another string of controversy.

Sadly for Lindsay, she is another example of how Plastic surgery can take away your good looks. She no longer has that beautiful charm face that she had in her teenage. If have a look at the pictures of Lindsay Lohan before and after the treatment, it is pretty clear that Lindsay Lohan has undergone procedures that include boob job, face lift, and a lip job.

She now has fuller lips after the surgery and is not the natural way of her lips. It is easy to spot this cosmetic exaggeration from her photos. The surgery has stretched it a little more than what is required.

Another thing that went horribly wrong on her is her face life. She used to have a plum charm face with fuller cheeks. They did a terrible job on them and she no longer has the bubbly look the made people fall in love with her once.

And the breast implantation was the worst. Even they the surgery managed to alter them and increase the size of her breast, it didn’t compliment with her body really well. They now appear to be too bigger and voluminous.

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