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Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

The temptation of plastic surgery has successfully attracted Linda Evans. Linda Evans seems a bit crazy about it. And even without her confession, we can see clear traces of plastic surgery on her. Sadly, Linda Evans got bad luck gambling with plastic surgery. She is a bit addicted with “surgeon’s knife”. However, she is said that she regretted her overdone plastic surgery. Well, she should regret it. Multiple procedures such as nose job, eyelift, chin implant, lips enhancement, cheek filler and necklift have erased her natural beauty.

LindaEvansPlasticSurgery Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery

Lips Enhancement and Cheek Filler

Linda Evans can’t hide significant change on her face. And a prominent part that significantly changes her face appearance is her lips. As you can see in Linda Evans plastic surgery pictures, her lips are much different between her Before and her After. She used to have sexy thin lips, an opposite fact with her lips today. Lips enhancement via lips filler such as dermal filler is the reason behind her recent thick lips. Linda got lips filler a bit too much. As the result, her upper and lower lip appear unnaturally bigger. (Also see lips augmentation result on Nicole Kidman and Lara Flynn Boyle)

Fillers have also been injected in her cheek areas. This affected her face contour. As an old woman Linda Evans knows better that cheek appearance could support her youthful look. But like her lips filler, again, Linda Evans is not lucky enough with cheek fillers. Instead of gets better cheek shape, Linda Evans appears more unnatural with her “new cheek”. Do you agree?

Chin Implant

Linda Evans facial recontouring didn’t stop on lips and cheek. Her obsession to be a young old-lady also made her to get the chin implant. This 72 year old American actress seemed tries hard to regain her youthfulnes. But it rather hard to say that she got the good or the bad of chin implant result. What we can clearly see is, that her chin looks a bit too big or too wide for her face. What do you think?

Eye-lift and Necklift

Baggy eyes and saggy skin are among things that scaring many women in this world, including Linda Evans. As an old woman, her fear increases day by day. But Linda Evans has chosen eyelift and necklift as the weapon to fight against her fear. Lucky for Linda, eyelift worked well on her. Although sometimes she appears a bit unnatural with her eyes look, but it surely has helped her to get younger impression.

Her necklift seems doesn’t give significant result. We still can see “turkey neck” there. Although she didn’t get perfect result of the neck-lift, but at least she seems becomes more confident with it.

LindaEvansPlasticSurgeryPicture Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Picture

Nose Job

We couldn’t deny if nose is one of facial parts that determining, or supporting someone’s physical beauty. And Linda Evans knew it well. She is reported to get rhinoplasty (nose job) to fix some of her nose parts. Unlike other procedures she underwent, Linda Evans didn’t go crazy with this nose job. She got it in appropriate way. Her nose sits well on her face and makes her prettier. However, it is questionable about her motive for taking the nose job. She actually didn’t really need her nose to be fixed since she had good nose shape when she was young.

By the way, Linda Evans is not alone. Some other old celebrities also botched their faces with plastic surgery. See Tina Louise, Helen Mirren and Marilu Henner.

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