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Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Have you heard Lee Min Ho? Exactly, everyone knows him well. He is popular actor from South Korea who has handsome face. He gets high rating after played the role in Boys Before Flowers. Lee Min Ho was born in Seoul, South Korea, June 22th, 1987. The early time of his career was playing Our English Teacher (2008), Public Enemy Returns (2008), then played in Boys Before Flowers (KBS2 / 2009).

LeeMinHoPlasticSurgery Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

But do you know that his handsome face is the result of plastic surgery? Certainly from some photos, you can see the different shape of his nose. The photos are enough to convince the public, that Lee Min Ho has had plastic surgery. But, this news is not meant to vilify or discredit him.

Lee Min Hoo Nose Job

Plastic surgery is common done in Korea where many Korean people do plastic surgery in order to look more beautiful or handsome. They even do it many times. The same case seems is also happening on Lee Min Ho. It is widely known that Lee Min Ho rumored with nose job procedure. As you can see in Lee Min Ho before and after plastic surgery pictures, he seems more perfect, right? By wonderful performance of his physic, certainly it can support his career.

Actually, some medias stated that Lee Min Ho feels disappointed when he knows that some fans were doubted him and asked if he did plastic surgery or not. Min Ho said that he ever had plastic surgery on his nose for medical reason; because it ever broke. However, Lee Min Ho said that  doing plastic surgery is not caused by his popularity. He just got accident which forced him to do that. Whatever his reason, plastic surgery has made his life change.

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