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Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

No matter how good he hides it, Lee Majors plastic surgery is obvious. We all can easily judge that Lee Majors is going crazy with plastic surgery. American actor who played as Colonel Steve Austin in film The Six Million Dollar Man now changing himself into a different person. It is worse person who botches his own face with expensive, numerous plastic surgery procedures. Facelift, nose job, eyelid surgery, necklift and some facial fillers are among he has.

LeeMajorsPlasticSurgery Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Lee Majors Plastic Surgery

Lee Majors Facelift and Necklift

We may accept his decision for taking facelift and necklift. Lee Majors is certainly an old man and needs some face enhancement to regain his youthfullness. But bad luck comes when he started to addicted with it. Lee Majors has got both facelift and necklift excessively. However facelift is the main reason for his face appearance today.

Lee Majors plastic surgery before and after pictures show some bad changes on his face. Facelift has overly pulled his facial skin that made it stiff. It’s also too tight for a 76 years old man. His rejuvenation also involves his neck. However it is not too good on Lee Majors, but at least it is not as bad as his facelift.

A famous American plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn predicted that Lee Majors spent about $15,000 for facelift.

“I also believe he may have undergone a $15,000 face-lift, resulting in scars in front of his ears and a tight jawline for someone his age,” said Dr. Youn.

Actually the combination of facelift and necklift is common thing among old celebrities. It will give good result if they take it in appropriate dosage. Many old celebrities also commit it. (See also Barry Manilow, Ray Liotta, and Burt Reynolds plastic surgery)

Lee Majors Nose Job, Eyelid Surgery and Fillers

Well, it’s easy to find parts of his face that significantly changing. His nose, eyes area and even whole of his face skin are all getting worse. Lee Majors has had nose job for that odd nose shape. Dr. Youn believed that Lee Majors got at least two nose surgeries. Nose job (rhinoplasty) performed by his nose specialist wiped his nice previous nose shape.

LeeMajorsPlasticSurgeryPicture Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Picture

Lee Majors has also had work done on his eyes, especially with his eyelid. It is eyelid surgery (blepharolasty) that be responsible over his today eyes look. Lee majors was reported to cost about $7000 for this eyelid surgery. Meanwhile for his face skin Lee Majors is said spent $5000 for chemical peels or laser treatment and about $5000 for facial filler injection.

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