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Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Lee Bo Young and plastic surgery are two things that can’t be separated each other. Plastic surgery news has surrounded the actress of drama Man from the Equator since few years ago. Just like other South Korean female celebrities, Lee Bo Young is also suspected going under the knife for several plastic surgery procedures. What are they, then? Lee Bo Young is reported gets at least two procedures which are nose job and eyelid surgery.

LeeBoYoungPlasticSurgery Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Lee Bo Young Plastic Surgery

Lee Bo Young Nose Job

Her nose is one of her facial parts that being under people’s attention. Public see that her nose has dramatically changed. Her nose in the past photos was not as good as it’s today. In the before and after photos it is clear that she had a bulbous nose, which is now changed by a smaller and slimmer nose shape. People then believe that Lee Bo Young really went under the knife for nose job (or also known as rhinoplasty).

Lee Bo Young Eyelid Surgery

Lee Bo Young is also accused has eyelid surgery procedure, a common procedure that done by many actresses in South Korea. The double eyelid surgery makes her eyes bigger, and at the same time also makes her eyes look fresher.

Lee Bo Young seems really gets benefit from several combinations of plastic surgery. In her 36 years old she appears like 10 years younger. Since there is no clear statement about her plastic surgery, some people still believe that Lee Bo Young is 100 percent natural and doesn’t have any cosmetic surgery. They think that Lee Bo Young appears younger as the way she is. What do you think?

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