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Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Leah Miller can’t cover herself from the plastic surgery rumors. She was strongly believed to go under the knife to get beauty enhancement. The former host of show “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” has significant changes on her face and her body. Several plastic surgery procedures have been associated with Leah Miller. Let’s say facelift, botox, nose job, lips augmentation, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation, which supposedly to be on Leah Miller.

LeahMillerPlasticSurgery Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Leah Miller Facelift and Botox

Leah Miller has been reported to get the facelift procedure since she appeared with rather unnatural facial skin. Her face is much different with what she had in the past before she gained her fame. We couldn’t know her exact reason for taking the facelift, whereas she is not too old yet. This Canadian celebrity was born on July 20, 1981, or is 33 years old today. The result is obvious, facelift has pulled her face a bit tighter.

Surprisingly, Leah Miller has been reported to combine her facelift with the botox. However, it seemed that her surgeon injected the Botox excessively. As you can see in Leah Miller’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, Botox injected in her face made her facial skin much more unnatural. It made her face stiffer and frozen. See Megan Fox and Nicole Kidman who also got the same plastic surgery procedures. They seem to get the same results on their faces.

Leah Miller Eyelid Surgery, Nose Job

Other things that support Leah Miller’s unnatural facial appearance are her eyelid and her nose. That’s why many people believed that Leah Miller got some works done on those parts. See her eyelids. It’s obvious enough that those parts looked like to get some “surgeon’s touches”.

Eyelid surgery (or medically known as Blepharoplasty) then considered to be the reason behind Leah Miller’s eyelid change. And again, she looked like to playing a bit too far with this eyelid surgery. As we can see, she appears unnatural with those, doesn’t she?

Come to her nose, this part was also believed to get the surgeon’s touch. Nose job (or also known as Rhinoplasty) has reshaped her old natural nose to become unnatural one. When you see her before-after pictures, it’s would be easy to see the differences on her nose.

Leah Miller Lips Implants and Breast Implants

Apparently, Leah Miller has become a plastic surgery addict. Since she has numerous, so we are not going to stop to discuss about her plastic surgery now. We haven’t talk about some implants on her yet, specifically lips and breast implants.

LeahMillerBoobsJob Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Leah Miller Boobs Job

The results of these two plastic surgery procedures are clear and easier to see than other procedures we have discussed. Back to her before-after pictures, it’s showing her today lips are plumper than it used to be. We may say that this lips implant has made her lips both sexier and, unnatural.

Last but not least, the spouse of Canadian musician Dallas Green has her boobs resized. Without her confession, it’s easy to guess that Leah Miller had boobs job.

The breast augmentation via breast implants has made Leah Miller’s boobs much bigger than what she had before. We may say that it is the only plastic procedure she done properly. We can’t deny if Leah Miller appears sexier with her new bigger breasts. What do you think?

By the way, see another Canadian celebrity who is also playing with plastic surgery. Check the result of Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery.

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