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Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery Before After

Actually plastic surgery is not a new thing for member of boy band Super Junior, Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun has been playing with plastic surgery since more than five years ago. However he became one of a few male Korean idols who admit the plastic surgery. On some television shows, Kyuhyun openly admitted that he went under knife. So, what kind of procedure he has had? Kyuhyun said that he got the procedure eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty.

KyuhyunPlasticSurgery Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery Before After

Kyuhyun Plastic Surgery

Before he admitted his eyelid surgery, there were rumors which reported it. However many people were believe that Kyuhyun had double eyelid surgery. The rumors still unclear since Kyuhyun didn’t tell the truth yet.

After left the rumors in silent for some time, he then openly admitted the procedure he had. Although the rumors said that Kyuhyun had double eyelid surgery, Kyuhyun stated that he didn’t get the double eyelid surgery. On a TV show he said that “only one place changed”.

“What’s the matter? Only one place changed. I didn’t have double eyelids on both eyes.” Kyuhyun said.

Although he said so, but public didn’t believe him easily. Many people assume that he got double eyelid surgery. We all can see the result of his surgery from his before and after pictures. From pictures which are widely spreading on the internet we could find that Kyuhyun has significant changes on his face.

Boy whose real name is Cho Kyu-hyun, is just one of Super Junior members who get plastic surgery. There are other members who get same work. But what makes Kyuhyun’s case different is, since Kyuhyun is the youngest member (or also called as maknae) in boy band Super Junior. He was born on February 3, 1988.

Although Kyuhyun has admitted the eyelid surgery, there are other rumors rising related to his plastic surgery. Many people believe that Kyuhyun has the nose job as well. The nose job matter is still unclear. But from Kyuhyun before after plastic surgery picture we could find that his nose has been well reshaped. Other South Korean idols who get the same nose are Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong.

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