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Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Although not as open as Hollywood, Bollywood stars also tend to get the plastic surgery procedure to enhance their looks. They have same reason, because they have a big desire to look perfect and wonderful even their age are starting older. But if you wonder about Bollywood stars who are considered to having plastic surgery, Koena Mitra is one of whom. Yep, she is beautiful and sexy Indian actress, model and Beauty Queen who appears in Bollywood films.

Of course her plastic surgery is not the worst one. But considering that she used to a beauty queen and her age is still 31, plastic surgery is really disastrous for her. Instead of looks good, many people put her name as one of the worst plastic surgery results in Bollywood.

KoenaMitraPlasticSurgery Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Before and After

By comparing Koena Mitra plastic surgery before and after, you will realize that this woman is really beautiful. No wonder she then elected as Top-12 Semifinalists of Miss Intercontinental Pageant in Germany. She was also one of Indian models that able to compete during the international show. Everything seemed normal before she tried to live a life like a celebrity.

It made her doing something that would make her regret it for her entire life, which is plastic surgery. Many people said that plastic surgery was thing that ruined her life and almost ended her career as an actress.

Koena Mitra and Her Bizarre Nose Job            

The obvious and horrible plastic surgery procedure that can be seen on her face is the bizarre nose job procedure. We guess that this woman felt insecure about her nose that looked bigger in the past. That’s why as she felt like celebrity, she then put herself under the surgeon knife.

Unfortunately, her nose job procedure didn’t work well. It seems that surgery for the nose job makes her nose getting unnaturally bigger and larger as if it could melt at any time. Instead of makes her to appear more beautiful, that pinched nose is making her appearance worse than before. It also makes her face looks so weird and she lost her beautiful looks in a flash.

By observing Koena Mitra Before and After plastic surgery pictures, this woman seems to having more than nose job. She is also possibly having lips augmentation and breast implants. Among of those procedures, breast implants are the only plastic surgery that give her advantages. It worked well on her.

Plastic Surgeon can’t do Much Things Related to Mitra’s Nose Job

The sad news then delivered by plastic surgeon expert that they can do nothing to fix her nose. They said that the damage on her nose is bit severe and they can’t do many things to return it. They even advise Koena Mitra to pray so there is a miracle to make her nose better and recover from its worse damage.

Koena Mitra Admitted It

Although it is making her to appear uglier, but Koena Mitra never tries to hide that she got plastic surgery for the nose job. She said, “After the surgery my bones started swelling up. Even the doctors gave up and said that only medicine and prayers will work. I sat at home initially. But I could not take it anymore and started going out with that face of mine.”

KoenaMitraPlasticSurgeryPicture Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Koena Mitra Plastic Surgery Picture

However, recently Koena Mitra is reported to get some revision procedures on her face. Although it is not giving back her natural beauty, but she now appears much better than her before.

Plastic surgery always has risk, it could make someone to appear better and or worse. Share your thought about Koena Mitra plastic surgery result. And also check other Bollywood stars who are falling under suspicion for playing with plastic surgery, like Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ayesha Takia.

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