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Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery of Nose Job Before After Pictures

Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery has attracted public attention since few years ago. However, the news about his surgery still exists and hot until today. Kim Hyun Joong has actually admitted that he went under the knife to fix his nose. Yes, as the publicly Kim Hyun Joong admitted that he has nose job done. He had his own reason for doing this. He said that he once had an accident on his nose, so that needed to be fixed.

KimHyunJoongPlasticSurgeryNoseJob Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery of Nose Job Before After Pictures

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Nose Job

The rhinoplasty procedure or the nose job seemed works well on Kim Hyun Joong. As we can see from his before and after photos, the surgeon’s work reshaped his former nose in a precise dose. His nose which was rather big on its bridge now becomes slimmer. The nose tip also got a perfect result. His nose tip in the past was not as sharp as his today. We all can see it, can’t we?

Kim Hyun Joong is lucky enough for getting a perfect result of the nose job. The 28 years -old Korean singer and actor did it in a good way, not overdid it. Kim Hyun Joong had subtle changes on his nose but it gave a significant effect on her face. He appears more handsome than he used to.

So, what do people think about Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery? It is known that many of her fans and lovers are accept his change. They think that Kim Hyun Joong new nose has given a better impression on his face. On the other hand, some people (let’s say his haters) did not believe that Kim Hyun Joong reason for taking nose job was caused by an accident. It’s more likely caused by his will to refine her nose and took medical reason as his alibi.

Apart from his actual reason for taking the nose job, we should appreciate his honesty in admitting the plastic surgery he had done. As we know that not all South Korean celebrities bravely do the same thing, don’t they?

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