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Kim Hyoyeon SNSD/Girl’s Generation Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hyoyeon is just one of SNSD members who get plastic surgery. Plastic surgery news of SNSD or Girl’s Generation members is interesting for many people indeed. The world knows that South Korean girl groups are famous for its beautiful members. It is one of the main attractions of Korean Wave. However, public also knows that many of Korean idols beauties are the result of the plastic surgeon’s touches.

So does Kim Hyoyeon. Girl who was born on September 22, 1989, was reported to get several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her beauty. Nose job, eyelid surgery and forehead implants are among the procedures she got.

KimHyoyeonPlasticSurgery Kim Hyoyeon SNSD/Girl’s Generation Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Hyoyeon Plastic Surgery

Hyoyeon Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery

It seems that eyelid surgery and nose job are the most procedures applied in South Korean. Most of Korean seem don’t really satisfy with their congenital genes. The same case also happens to Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon was rumored to get the nose job done.

This issue came after people noticed some significant changes on her nose. We do not really need the expert’s explanation for this. Just by seeing Hyoyeon before and after plastic surgery pictures we could easily guess that plastic surgeon has taken part over her nose changes.

Her present nose is much smaller and slimmer both on the tip and on the nasal bridge. While the opposite fact is shown from her older photo. We can see that Hyoyeon used to have a big and bulbous nose, can’t we? Hyoyeon seems to get the same luck with Park Shin Hye, a Korean actress who also gets a good result of nose job.

And just like her nose, her eyelids also got the “magical” touch of plastic surgeon. Apparently, we don’t really need to know Hyoyeon’s special reason for taking eyelid surgery. The world knows that many of Korean people want to get a bigger eyes look. Kim Hyoyeon together with another SNSD member like Kim Taeyeon who also got eyelid surgery, looked much better with their new eyelids.

KimHyoyeonBeforeAfter Kim Hyoyeon SNSD/Girl’s Generation Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Hyoyeon Before After

Hyoyeon Forehead Implants

Forehead implants maybe a rare procedure taken by Korean celebrities. But the rumor has it. It was believed that Kim Hyoyeon went under the knife for getting implants on her forehead.

We might don’t know her exact reason for this implants procedure. All we can see today is, she always appears beautiful on stages. Hyoyeon was considered much prettier than her debut. What do you think about Kim Hyoyeon plastic surgery, before and after?

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