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Kim Fields Plastic Surgery Before And After

The singer and actress once well known for her role with the name Tootie Ramsey grabbed the attention recently due to her plastic surgery. Kim Field, the daughter of chip fields and sister of actress Alexis Fields, had to do plastic surgery. She was reportedly said to have artificial breasts due to her role in a movie. She wanted to add life to her character and do justice with her role; she went under surgery and added artificial breasts. In the movie, her role undergoes breast surgery; hence to make it look real she went for plastic surgery herself. Furthermore, she had to remove those implants after the movie due to some health issues.

Kim Fields Plastic Surgery Before And After 550x396 Kim Fields Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kim Fields Plastic Surgery Before And After

This artist born in 1969 had to go again under plastic surgery due to her health problems. It is said that she was unable to handle the extra weight of those artificial implants and hence by doctor’s advice decided to remove them. Her body was facing many health problems due to the increased weight, and it was becoming difficult to handle that. Therefore, the doctors adviced her that it was best for her to get rid out of those breasts, as it may also cause her some future problems. Furthermore, before the earlier surgery she didn’t have any other need other than her role in the film, but after that she had many reasons including health issues. It is said that the before breasts were so large in size that it grabbed everyone’s attraction wherever she went. People used to stare, although her friends always praised her for her breast surgery. However, she has always confirmed that surgery was always done for professional reasons and after that was always undo for health issues.

Later on, she went on to marry Pastor McClurkin in the year 2007. This was a private wedding where only her close relatives were invited. We should respect her for takin her role so seriously and bringing it near to perfection. Moreover we should always keep in mind that these before and afters can give your career a boost but later on in life can end you up in some health problem like Kim Shields did, but thankfully all went well for her!

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  • Johnny Harris January 24, 2022, 5:52 pm

    I always have been attracted to her even when she played On facts of life I am so happy she made it through her plastic surgery You are so sexy Wishing I had an opportunity to meet Kim feels Who I know by the name of tootie from the facts of life those were the good days

  • deedee March 10, 2023, 7:44 am

    kim SHIELDS????? OK

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