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Khandi Alexander Plastic Surgery Before and After

Public know that the American dancer and actress Khandi Alexander is not young anymore. She is 57 years old now. Public know her when she acted as Dr. Alex Woods in famous series CSI. Now, she becomes public attention because of her recent gossips. There are rumors that she had changed her appearance to enhance her beauty. The rumors told that her face skin looks so smooth and she looks younger than before. Even though she is already 57 years old, but many people said that she looks 45 years old woman.

Khandi Alexander Plastic Surgery Khandi Alexander Plastic Surgery Before and After

Khandi Alexander Plastic Surgery Before After

It is not surprising if many people rumored her for having plastic surgery procedure especially for filler injection and botox treatments. If you see the comparing of her before and after picture, you will see that her recent appearance looks so different with her past appearance. Her skin face looks so fresh and she looks shine. It is indicated that she did a good botox treatments. It seems that she did botox treatments in normal amount. Besides, the filler injection on her face also make her look so fresh

Then, we could say that her plastic surgery procedure is working well on her face. She looks better than before. In addition, she also rumored to have a rhinoplasty procedure or nose job. But if we compare her before and after picture, it seems that there are no major changes on her nose.

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