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Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Among other casts of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore maybe the most beautiful one. Beside beautiful, she is also smart. She was Miss Michigan 1993 as well as Miss USA 1993. She was the 4th place in Miss Universe in the same year. She now also joins the Celebrity Apprentice season 7. However, although with all her achievements, this 44 years old woman can’t separate herself from the plastic surgery speculation that hit her.

Actually Kenya Moore is not the only member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta who have had the surgery done. Most of casts in that Bravo’s series got their surgeries. It seems that the series more like shows us a group of old women who try hard keeping their youthful looks through plastic surgery.

KenyaMoorePlasticSurgery Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Judging from Kenya Moore before and after picture, her face and her breasts areas are still the same. Why those parts are being the main focus of our observation? Simply, it’s because almost all member the The Real Housewives of Atlanta conducted plastic surgery on those parts.

They got facial reconstruction and correction on face. Mostly performed nose job, botox, facelift and facial filler injection. Some of whom also conducted plastic surgery for the breast implants. That’s why every member showing the changing looks. But Kenya Moore has different case. She leaves normal and natural face and chest shape. So, where did the surgery performed?

Kenya Moore and Her Butt Implant Procedure

Yes, you couldn’t find the traces of plastic surgery on the ‘front area’, so just try to find it on the ‘rear area’. It seems that the surgeon’s touch working well there. Judging from the size of her butt that looks changing, then the most possible plastic surgery for Kenya Moore is the butt implant. Her butt looks so bigger and wider compared to hers before. It also looks fuller and plumper than we used to know. Overall the butt implants looks good on her and makes her sexier.

What Does Kenya Moore Say then?

We may admit that among other casts of The Real Housewives of Atlanta members, Kenya Moore plastic surgery could be the better one. Unfortunately, until now she remains silence. Kenya Moore is not too open about her plastic surgery. That way, we can only guess the truth of her butt implants. So, what is your thought about Kenya Moore plastic surgery?

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