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Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures
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Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Kenny Loggins may good in creating song, but he is not that good in enhancing his appearance. We can see his recent appearance, Kenny Loggins has worse face than he used to. As you can probably tell, Kenny Loggins is a plastic surgery addict. Kenny Loggins has changed his face with some plastic surgeries that would make you forget about his song serenity.

KennyLogginsPlasticSurgery Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery

Kenny Loggins Facelift

Facelift is the most possible plastic surgery procedure that change Loggins’ face. It makes his face skin pulled. At the same time, it also makes some of his face parts changing. His cheek and nose seem to getting the effect of facelift. Kenny Loggins before and after plastic surgery pictures show that the surgeon’s work has successfully created younger and fresher look.

Kenny Loggins Botox

Although Kenny Loggins facelift probably succeeded, but not with Botox. Kenny Loggins can’t hide the unnatural impression of his face. Kenny Loggins plastic surgery photos indicate that he is getting too much Botox injection.

His doctor seemed to inject the Botox in entire of his face. It’s true that his face is free of wrinkles and frown, but doesn’t it too strange for an 67 years old man?

KennyLogginsPlasticSurgeryPicture Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Kenny Loggins Plastic Surgery Picture

Kenny Loggins Eyelid Surgery

Last but not least, eyelid surgery is another cause of Kenny Loggins unnatural face. Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty changes the way he stares at you. Means, he has different eyes shape and eyes look if compared with his when he was younger.

There will always be pros and cons about someone’s plastic surgery. Some of you would disagree with Kenny Loggins eyelid surgery, while some would appreciate it. Regardless which side you are standing on, we would agree if this eyelid is creating a more feminine look on Kenny Loggins. Do you agree?

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