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Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Before and After

Born on the 11th of February 1981, Kelly Rowland is a leading and famous American singer, actress as well as a TV personality. Rowland came into limelight when she joined the famous girl’s band called Destiny’s Child in the nineties. She went on to release her solo music album called ‘Simply Deep’ in the year 2002. The album was an instant hit amongst music lovers. Roland also got an opportunity to exhibit her acting skills and starred in movies such as ‘Fredy Vs Jason’ released in 2003 and ‘The Seat Filler’, in the year 2005. Having spent more than eighteen years in the music and entertainment industry, Rowland understands the importance of staying fit, healthy and beautiful.

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Before and After 550x468 Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Rowland Plastic Surgery Before and After

The artist has witnessed a whole lot of changes in the past couple of years, and these transformations are clearly visible on her face, body and overall appearance. Yes, unlike many other artists of her own generation, Kelly too has undergone plastic surgery, breast implants and numerous other beauty treatments and procedures. Rowland had opted for breast implant when she was barely twenty-eight years old. She desperately wanted to give her breasts a full sized look and appearance. Kelly admitted that Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles encouraged her to go for breast surgery, and she even gifted Rowland a beautiful top, which she wore after the surgery. You can easily spot the differences in Kelly Rowland before and after images. Her breasts appear fuller and huge in size, thereby imparting a more curvy and attractive look.

During an interview with the Shape magazine, Kelly disclosed that she waited for over 10 years before she could actually opt for a breast surgery. However, before making up her mind, she tried wearing padded innerwear to experience and imagine how she would actually look like post surgery. Kelly has even admitted to undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery to give a proper shape to her big sized nose, which has almost disappeared now. Aside to having a fantastic and fabulous body, Kelly now has a much straighter and slimmer nose, which only adds to her beauty and charm. Kelly is fond of her new looks and admitted that she did not opt for surgery to impress anyone but herself.

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