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Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Ripa is one of the most sought-after females in America who has donned several caps including that of a TV producer, actress and host. Kelly shot to fame when she featured as a co – host in the popular talk show called Live! With Kelly and Miachel. The actress has also played the character of Hayley Vaughan in one of America’s popular TV shows, All My Children for over a decade. Ripa was also labeled as a potent media personality by the highly acclaimed newspaper “The Hollywood Reporter” in the year 2012.

kelly ripa plastic surgery before and after 550x348 Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before and After

A fitness enthusiast, Ripa loves working out and indulging in a number of cardio exercises and running almost on a daily basis. She also follows a strict low – carb diet and drinks plenty of water to stay fit and healthy. Aside to keeping a close watch on her body, weight and health, Kelly has been working extremely hard to maintain her beauty and appearance. Recently, the actress disclosed why she opted for plastic surgery procedure to enhance her looks and facial features. During an interaction with Elle, the actress talked about the reason she took to Botox after every 7 months. When you closely look at Kelly Ripa plastic surgery before and after pictures is enough to gauge the areas on her body and face that have undergone massive transformation. Rumor has it that Kelly opted for the much dreaded botox procedure as well as injection to stay youthful and gorgeous. In fact, several reports claim that Ripa has also opted for procedures to acquire a sleek and sharp nose. Additionally, many claim that she has also tried liposuction and breast implant to revamp her looks and features.

Prior to the surgery, Kelly had a wide nose and a rounded tip. However, post surgery she acquired a much slimmer and refined nose. There have also been reports of her breast implants which gave her body a curvy, rounder and bigger look. Ripa has been bold enough to admit that she underwent plastic surgery. She confirmed regarding the botox treatment, specifically in the area around her eyes and accepted that she wanted to look more glamorous and young. However, she has agreed to have undergone only the botox procedure and no other treatments including breast implant, nose surgery or liposuction ever.

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