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Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Has Kelly Ripa had plastic surgery? Well, it’s hard for Kelly Ripa to deny plastic surgery accusation. With rather unnatural face appearance, she surely has some works done. Luckily, things are seem getting clearer since she admitted it. Yep, Kelly Ripa admitted that she has had Botox injected in her face. However, her confession would surprise you. She said that beside injected Botox in around her face, she also got Botox injected in her armpits.

KellyRipaPlasticSurgeryPicture Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Picture

We would say that that is an unusual thing to do. But Kelly Ripa has her own reason for injecting Botox into her armpits. Botox seems to attract Kelly Ripa so badly. So, how about other plastic surgery procedures on her?

Kelly Ripa Botox

Back to Kelly Ripa botox confession, it makes most of us wonder about her motive to get it. Actually her reason is simple. It is reported that she got the “armpits Botox” to reduce sweating. Kelly Ripa has also said that she gets a lot of Botox. She got it in her armpits and her face. Kelly even reportedly to get Botox at least once in every seven months.

While we perhaps couldn’t obviously see the result of Botox on her armpits, we can see clear Botox effect on her face. As you can see in Kelly Ripa plastic surgery pictures, her Before and After photos show significant change. Kelly Ripa used to have more natural facial appearance before her Botox. But well, it then dramatically changed to be a more unnatural face. If you hate Kelly Ripa plastic surgery result, you should blame this Botox.

On the other hand, it is no surprise if she takes Botox. This American actress is 44 years old, a time where a woman normally feels insecure about the aging signs. Many actresses are also getting Botox to fight aging. (See Vicki Gunvalson, Rene Russo and Nancy O’Dell plastic surgery)

KellyRipaPlasticSurgery Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa Nose Job

Kelly Ripa has honestly admitted that she gets Botox, but not with the nose job. She denied all other plastic surgery that was linked to her. However, Kelly Ripa might be know that it’s not that easy to convince people.

Many believe that she is getting the help of nose specialist. Kelly Maria Ripa possibly gets the rhinoplasty (nose job) to reshape her former nose. If you carefully examine Kelly Ripa Before and After pictures, you would find that her nose indeed changes.

It’s clear that her nose was wider when she was younger. It is contradictory fact with her recent nose. It is slimmer and much smaller, especially on her nasal bridge. Is makeup causing that? What do you think? You can share your own opinion about Kelly Ripa plastic surgery in the comment box.

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