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Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly LeBrock was the heart throb of many young and dashing men during the seventies. Bron in New York and brought up in London, LeBrock’s father was French, and her mother hailed from Ireland. She stepped into the world of modeling and fashion when she was barely sixteen and garnered a lot of appreciation when she featured in the Pantene shampoo advertisement. After eight years of a modeling career, Kelly got the much-desired opportunity to appear in a Hollywood movie called “The Women in Red.” Her performance grabbed her accolades from all over the world, and people, especially men began to fantasize and dream of her.

Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery Before and After 550x419 Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kelly Lebrock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Her flawless and natural beauty became the talk of the town, and she dazzled in all that glory and fame. However, it seems like several other beautiful actresses of her age and era, Kelly seems to have resorted to plastic surgery, botox and facelift procedures too. According to many plastic surgeons, Kelly LeBrock looks remarkably different for her age. Many believe that at 52, a woman’s skin begins to show signs of ageing, sagging and wrinkles, which is not the case with her. Her skin looks extremely beautiful and healthy, despite being in her fifties. This is possible only when one has opted for some kind of surgical treatment or procedure.

To spot the differences, you can check Kelly LeBrock before and after pictures and you’ll instantly know why she looks different and more beautiful, despite her age. Her skin looks youthful and fresh, and there are no signs of ageing at all. The botox and facelift procedures have revamped her looks completely, and she now looks stunning. Even her lips appear full and luscious, which happens only after one has opted for lip injections or augmentation procedure. The artist also seems to have acquired beautiful and sparkling eyes, post the eyelid procedure. If you compare both the pictures, you’ll notice that Kelly also looks different because of all the weight that she has gained in the past couple of years. She has put on a lot of weight for sure and needs to get rid of some of the fat to appear beautiful, especially after all the treatments and procedures that she has undergone.

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