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Keke Palmer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Keke Palmer is a popular celebrity who was born on August 26, 1993 in Harvey, Illionois. She began the career in acting in 2004 when she made her film debut in Barbershop 2: Back in Business. She gained notice for her roles in 2006’s Akeelah and Bee and Madea’s Family. Behind her success, she is rumored undergoing the knife to change her appearance. Yeah, Keke Palmer is just 22 years old but even her youth doesn’t make her avoid the plastic surgery. It is caused by the transformation showed by her. Recently, Palmer was spotted looking fabulous in a pink gown. By wearing that dress, she looked having the bigger bra size. Her cleavage becomes fuller and more prominent that it automatically attracts attention of the visitors.

Keke Palmer Plastic Surgery Keke Palmer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Keke Palmer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Breast Implants

Looking that event, Palmer is predicted the breast implants to change her breast size. Her original cup size reportedly smaller so when it appears bigger, there is strange thing on her new performance. It is significant changing and shaping the boobs which are indicated as a clear indication of plastic surgery.


Actually not only breast implant done by her but also nose job, that is rhinoplasty. It is the procedure to change her nose smaller and narrower. Indeed, in before she has the pointed nose with the wider nose shape than her recent nose.

Lightening Procedure

In addition, she also chooses the lightening procedure to change her color skin. It can be observed of her appearance in before and after photos. Most observers think that she looks very polished now that she is mature and glamorous. By changing her style, she instead does not look younger and young in her age. She becomes older in her age. Is it just the effect from her style or her plastics surgery? We just have the prediction.

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