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Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Winslet is popular for various talents, great performances and many achievements in the entertainment industry. But most people know her for her lead role in one of the most famous movies of all times, Titanic. She was born on Oct 5th, 1975 in England. Her mother Sally Winslet was a barmaid and father Roger John Winslet was a contractor. She was brought up in Berkshire, England with her two sisters and a brother. At a very early age, she developed an interest in acting. When she was 11 years old, she started to study drama at Redroofs Theatre school. Just after one year when she was 12, she got into a TV commercial for Sugar Puffs. It was directed by Tim Pope who admired Kate for her performance. She was casted in more than 20 stage productions during her teen years. And in many of those she got the lead role.

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before and After 550x381 Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Winslet Plastic Surgery Before and After

Her good looks, talent and hard work got her to the heights of success as an actor and singer. During her career, she won one Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, an Academy Award and a Grammy Award. She has also been respected with awards from many musics and acting schools both in Britain and America. After having a great early start in the industry, she got away for a while to focus more on her personal life. But recently she has again gained popularity for some amazing performances. In the last decade, she has worked in several popular movies, some of which are The Holiday, Flushed Away, The Reader and Mildred Pierce.

There is no doubt that Kate Winslet is among the most beautiful actresses in the industry. While she was still young, she repeatedly said that she would never go under a procedure to change her already good looks. But it seems like her opinion changed with time. Kate started with a nose job that made her nose narrower. While she openly admitted to the nose job, she has never commented on the rumors of her getting breast implants. When her breasts started looking bigger, some said it was due to weight loss while for others it was surgery.

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