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Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Middleton garnered popularity after her marriage with Prince Williams in the year 2011. Soon after she became the Duchess of Cambridge, people started taking interest in her personal life. Kate met Prince Williams in the year 2001 when both of them enrolled as students in the University of St. Andrews. After their first meeting, the couple became interested in each other and began dating from 2003 onwards. In 2010, both Kate and Williams resolved to marry each other and got engaged in Kenya in the month of October during their trip to the highly popular Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. The couple later got married on the 29th of April at the Westminster Abbey in UK. Ever since her marriage to the Prince, the duchess has been chased by media and fans no matter where they go. In fact, she is always the topic of discussion, especially because of her flawless skin and attractive looks. There have been several media reports and gossips about the duchess undergoing plastic surgeries including Rhinoplasty and botox treatments.

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Before and After 550x405 Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Before and After

A recent report, published by a reputed publication called OK!, revealed that all the members of the royal family have undergone plastic surgeries at different points in time and Kate Middleton was the latest to join them. The report claimed that surgeon who had been working with the members of the royal family had indeed come up with a book wherein he has talked about all the procedures that Kate Middleton has experienced in her endeavor to enhance her looks and beauty. When you look at Kate Middleton plastic surgery before and after pictures, you’ll easily be able to spot the difference yourself. Initially, the tip of her nose was round and not at all attractive. However, post surgery Kate’s nose appears straighter and much better than before. Rhinoplasty has actually helped her reconstruct the entire shape of her nose and her face now appears more glamorous and beautiful. There have also been speculations about Kate resorting to botox injections and fillers in order to acquire a smoother forehead. In fact, there have also been rumors about her decision to go for breast augmentation as she desperately wanted fuller and perky breasts, after the birth of her kids Prince George as well as Princess Charlotte.

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