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Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you watched TV during the 70s and the 80s, you must recognize Kate Jackson. She is a popular actor, director, and producer of that era, well known around the country. She was born on Oct 29th, 1948 in Alabama. She started her education at a local girl’s school and then got admission in Mississippi University. When she was in the sophomore year there, she realized what her true passion was and thus got into the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in the New York City. During the 60s, she worked very hard and played a great role in a soap opera Dark Shadows. Her performance in this show got her a place on the cover page of Time magazine. At the dawn of the 70s, she got a role in Night of Dark Shadows. The movie did not do very well, but she got the start she needed. After that, she was cast for The Rookies, one of the most popular crime drama TV shows of the 70s. Her most popular performance was in an amazing series of 1975, the Charlie’s Angels. According to the producers, the name of the show was suggested by Kate herself. Another popular series that she worked in during the 80s was Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Some of her popular movies are Lover Boy and Making Love.

Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After 550x407 Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kate Jackson Plastic Surgery Before and After

During her career, she was admired for both her acting and her beauty. But as she aged, her looks started to deteriorate. She tried to stay young and beautiful by having a plastic surgery. The changes that were caused after the procedures were first noticed in 2006. According to all her fans, her face suddenly started to look unnatural. The skin on her face looked quite tight for a woman who is more than 60 years old. She did not come clean about the procedures, which made her a target for the media. Many experts started to figure out the work she had done on her face. It is quite obvious that she had a facelift, and all the experts agree to it. However as for the other parts of her face, like lips and forehead, there is no general opinion.

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