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Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Actually Kareena Kapoor has been linked with plastic surgery since years ago. However Kareena Kapoor’s plastic surgery rumor is always becoming a hot topic until today. The rumor rose since public noticed that Kareena Kapoor has had some changes on her face and body appearances. Nose job, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and cheek implants are among plastic surgery procedure Kareena had.

KareenaKapoorPlasticSurgery Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery

Kareena Kapoor Nose Job

Nose job (or medically known as Rhinoplasty) issue strongly hit Kareena Kapoor. She was considered as one of Bollywood actresses who get her nose done. Many people infer that Kareena Kapoor’s nose has been changed. As we can see in Kareena Kapoor’s before and after plastic surgery picture, her today nose is much slimmer that what she had in the past.

The surgeon work is subtle enough, anyhow. We can’t see it clearly at glance. But if you pay your attention carefully, you would see slight change on her nose.

Kareena Kapoor Cheek Implant

Another plastic surgery issue involved her cheek area. Kareena Kapoor was reported to get some implants on it. Many people considered that the cheek implant was the reason behind her facial contour change. It made her face (mainly her cheek, of course) to become puffier.

We perhaps don’t know her exact reason for taking this implants. But it surely made her face looked more oval. What do you think?

Kareena Kapoor Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants

Last but not least, Kareena Kapoor was also suspected to get the tummy tuck and breast implants procedure. Tummy tuck procedure basically used to remove the excess fat on tummy (or belly) as well as give you the better body shape. As you can guess, this tummy tuck has given the benefit to maintain Kareena Kapoor’s sexy waist.

KareenaKapoorBreastImplants Kareena Kapoor Plastic Surgery Before After Photos

Kareena Kapoor Breast Implants

Breast implants added the sexy impression on her. From the comparison photo, you can see how her breasts become bigger and fuller than what she had before.

However Kareena Kapoor denied all the plastic surgery rumor addressed to her. But you can make your own judgment. So, what do you think? Did Kareena Kapoor have plastic surgery? Or she even didn’t have any?

Actually Kareena Kapoor is not alone. There are many other Indian actresses who were reported as the examples of Bollywood plastic surgery. See Priyanka Chopra and Ayesha Takia who also got beauty enhancements via plastic surgery.

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