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Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery gossip also hits Julia Roberts. She is an actress in Hollywood who has various sensations. But, perhaps plastic surgery could become one of her biggest sensations. She once stated that she took “big risk” by not taking plastic surgery.

However some people believe that she did the opposite. She is judged so because of her youthful look. She looks younger than  other women with similar 40s age. Julia Roberts also has good body shape in her 47 years old. What kind of plastic surgery she had? Beside Botox injection, Julia also rumored to get at least nose job and lips injection.

JuliaRobertsPlasticSurgery Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

Julia Roberts Botox

Botox is believed to be Julia Roberts’ reason behind her youthful face. She is near 50 years old, but her face appears as if it is 10 to 15 years younger. She seemed to getting the professional surgeon service for that. Her doctor injected the Botox in appropriate dosage.

As the result, we can see that today she appears fresher and more confident. Although sometimes Julia looked unnatural by the Botox effect, but overall Julia got many benefits of it. Today, beside praise her acting skill, people also admire the youthfulness of her face.

Julia Roberts Nose Job and Lips Injection

Her nose and her lips appear like those are undergoing significant changes. It then made speculation about what plastic surgery Julia Roberts may have, as well as where and when. Her nose could get nose job (Rhinoplasty), a reason for her more pointed nose. Julia Roberts’ before and after pictures draw that her nose has been well reshaped. Another possible part that got the touch of surgeon’s work is her lips. She maybe injected some lips fillers in it. However, the result is subtle, her lips stay appear natural on her.

We are sure that Julia has charming smile with those lips. When was asked whether she had plastic surgery or not, Julia Roberts denied that she had it.

“Your face tells a story… and it shouldn’t be a story about your drive to the doctor’s office,” she told Elle magazine.

JuliaRobertsPlasticSurgeryBeforeandAfter Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before and After

Although she tried to convince public that she is free of plastic surgery, but her photos could give the opposite fact. We can see that her face appears younger than her real age. Not only younger, oftentimes her face also looks so fresh. Uniquely, the actress ever uttered that sometimes she wanted to see how if they (celebrities) look older, can it make the fans feel disappointed, or not?

Plastic surgery would always become big thing which is considered to help the actress both in rebuild or ruin their careers. However, we all would agree that Julia Roberts is still a big star with or without plastic surgery. What do you think?

By the way, see other actresses who are also playing with plastic surgery like Nicole Kidman, Lara Flynn Boyle and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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