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Judy Woodruff Facelift Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

It is reasonable if Judy Woodruff got facelift. She is surely not young woman anymore. This American news anchor and journalist was born on November 20, 1946, or is 68 years-old today. That age she should worry about the aging signs on her face. Plastic surgery then became her choice to fight that.

JudyWoodruffFacelift Judy Woodruff Facelift Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Judy Woodruff Facelift

Although Judy Woodruff has been reported to get plastic surgery since she was 55 years-old, it still attracted many people until today. As person who works in front of camera, Judy knows better that appearance is essential.

“Television is a business where looks matter. It’s silly to deny that,” Judy Woodruff answered when asked about plastic surgery. Judy is surely kind of person who openly admits that she gets beauty enhancement via surgeon’s knife. However, the result of her plastic surgery is obvious.

As we can see in Judy Woodruff’s before after plastic surgery picture, the surgeon’s touch has successfully brought back her youthfulness. Facelift which mainly addressed to make someone to appear younger, worked well on Judy’s face.

You can see that her face has been pulled in appropriate way. She didn’t went crazy with the facelift. Although fine lines could be seen on her face, but on average, Judy Woodruff got good result. It would be better if Judy gets Botox and neck lift to disappear the aging signs and saggy skin on her face and neck.

Judy Woodruff is not alone. Here are Bree Walker and Dominique Sachse, other American news anchors who also got plastic surgery. Check them all.

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