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Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before After Picture

Jodie Sweetin is just another actress of sitcom Full House whom was reported gets plastic surgery. She just gets what her friend, Candace Cameron got, yes plastic surgery issue. But, unlike Candace Cameron who denies plastic surgery rumor, Jodie Sweetin does the opposite. One of procedures she admitted is the breast implants. The surgeon’s work can be clearly seen on Jodie Sweetin chest area.

Her breasts are now much bigger than what she used to have. Breast augmentation she got seems to make her happier. But one question arises. What’s Jodie Sweetin reason for taking breast implants?

JodieSweetinPlasticSurgeryBreastImplants Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Before After Picture

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

It was told that Jodie Sweetin was a drug addict. Her addiction affected many aspects of her life, included her physical appearance. So, to obscure it she chose to get some enhancement on her face and body. Breast implants had become her first choice years ago, while the result of it can be seen until today. Her breasts are twice bigger than before it get surgery. She should thank her surgeon for that.

Another cosmetic procedure she has cheek implants. Jodie Sweetin’s before and after plastic surgery picture is showing it. It makes her cheek looks plumper, and augmented of course. However, she has it in a small dose, because there are only subtle results seen.

The 32 years-old American actress was also reported to have porcelain veneers, and laser skin treatment. Jodie Sweetin needed veneers to cure her dental problem. This procedure has helped her to get a better smile and better confidence. Laser skin treatment obviously assisted her to get better skin appearance. It’s mainly aimed to erase her scar and other small skin problems.

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