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Jessica SNSD/Girl’s Generation Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Almost all of SNSD or Girl’s Generation members were rumored to get plastic surgery, including Jessica. People’s curiosity is reasonable, because Jessica appears much different than she used to. We can’t deny if Girl’s Generation members are beautiful and attractive. But on the other hand, this also triggers people to accuse them as the plastic surgery patients. Back to Jessica, she is rumored to get nose job, eyelid surgery, cheek surgery and Botox injection.

JessicaPlasticSurgery Jessica SNSD/Girls Generation Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jessica Plastic Surgery

Jessica Nose Job

Nose job or rhinoplasty is one of the most possible plastic surgeries Jessica had. Girl who was born in San Francisco, California, United States 25 years ago has considered by people to get the surgeon’s touch on her nose.

If you carefully pay attention in Jessica’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, you would find significant differences on her nose. It’s obvious that she used to have a flat shape on the nose tip. Whereas her nasal bridge was also rather wide.

The nose job seemed to worked well on Jessica. She now has a better nose shape. It is smaller and pointier. It matches her face. What do you think about her nose job?

JessicaPlasticSurgeryNoseJob Jessica SNSD/Girls Generation Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jessica Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Jessica Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery seems becoming a favorite plastic surgery procedure in South Korea. Most of plastic surgery patients in this country get this. Jessica is also strongly believed to get the eyelid surgery or also known as blepharoplasty.

Although we couldn’t find her statement to clarify this matter, but Jessica’s before and after plastic surgery pictures explain it better. We can clearly see that her former eyelids were slanted. And as we can also see that her eyelids are more open and more lifted these days.

Jessica botox and Cheek Surgery

Other procedures that might be on her are Botox and cheek surgery. However these procedures can’t be proven easily by just her pictures. These procedures has been accused to her since people see some differences on her facial skin, included on cheek area. Her cheek seemed to get kind of cheek reduction procedure. With those procedures on her, sometimes Jessica even appears with a bit unnatural face.

Actually, Jessica Sooyoun Jung is not the only SNSD member who rumored to get plastic surgery. There are other SNSD/Girl’s Geneeration members like Kim Hyoyeon and Kim Taeyeon who get the same.

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