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Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jenny Mccarthy is one of a few American celebrities who admit plastic surgery. She openly said that she has some cosmetic surgery procedure done. Plastic surgery admission is a less common thing done by celebrity years ago. But following the wide usage of plastic surgery, some celebrities bravely do and then admit their plastic procedure. So does Jenny McCarthy, she seems has prepared herself about people comments and critics over her plastic surgery.

Jenny Mccarthy was reported has some plastic surgery procedures. Besides Botox which was openly admitted by her, she also have got breast implant. These two procedures seem help her much in maintain her physical appearance as well as her personal career.

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery11 Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Botox Before After

Jenny Mccarthy Botox

Botox is one of plastic surgery procedures that attracts Jenny Mccarthy’s heart. Actually, Botox is a common procedure that done by many celebrities in Hollywood, but the difference is not many celebrities openly admit it.

Jenny Mccarthy openly said that she got botox procedure to maintain her youthful look. To Life & Style magazine she said that one of her facial parts which got botox is forehead. As the result of her botox, you can see that she keeps appearing younger than her real age. By the way, she was born on November 1, 1972, you can count by yourself how old she is.

Jenny McCarthy Breast Implants11 Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jenny McCarthy Breast Implants Before and After

Jenny Mccarthy Breast Implants

This procedure can be easily seen by just comparing the before and after pictures of Jenny Mccarthy. Her breasts are now much bigger than what she had in the past. Breast implants make her chest area appears larger. It is said that her breasts even become twice larger than when she was in the Playboy Mansion years ago.

Jenny Mccarthy seems really loves her plastic surgery procedure. Actually some sources also suspected that Jenny Mccarthy has other plastic procedure such as nose job and chemical peel. To get more natural appearance, Jenny Mccarthy is reported doing health life by regular exercise at the gym. However, woman who began her career as a Playboy magazine model assumes that plastic surgery has given many benefits to her. She even stated that plastic surgery is a fun thing.

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