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Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After Picture

Jennifer Grey nose job has attracted many people since she appeared differently since years ago. The nose job procedure (rhinoplasty) has become matter that follows her personal life. Public surely wonder what happened with her nose? American actress who played in film Dirty Dancing (1987) has been reported to go under the knife several times. She wanted the surgeon to reshape her former nose. However, Jennifer Grey together with her nose has become one of the famous celebrity nose job cases in Hollywood.

JenniferGreyNoseJob Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After Picture

Jennifer Grey Nose Job

Jennifer Grey was firstly reported get her plastic surgery for rhinoplasty in the early of 1990s. After the Dirty Dancing was filmed, public then noticed her to appear with different nose shape. Her nose was much slimmer and well-shaped then hers before.

Before the surgeons took their work, nose was one of Jennifer Grey’s face features. She used to have a rather big and long nose, especially on the tip. People would easily recognize and remember her with that feature. But it was then changed under the surgeon’s hands.

Grey was reported for getting at least two nose job procedures. Apparently, her first nose job didn’t give the best result. Instead of made her proud of it, her first nose job left some problems on her nose. She then needed to get another nose job to fix it. And today, we can see the result of the nose job from Jennifer Grey before after nose job photos which have widely been spreading on the internet.

However the result of her nose job invited pros and cons. There are people who take Jennifer Grey nose job as the good plastic surgery example, while many do the opposite. Public also seem don’t really love her nose job, and they then labeled Jennifer Grey’s nose job as the bad or even worst celebrity plastic surgery example.

Out there, plastic surgery for nose job was accused as the main cause of Jennifer Grey’s career decline. Jennifer Grey perhaps never thinks that some changes on her nose could affect her career entirely. It would be a valuable lesson for those who want to take nose job procedure out there. It looks lilke that Jennifer Grey should learn from Amy Adams and Jennifer Aniston who got better result of the nose job, either in personal appearance or in career.

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