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Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery (Before and After pics)

Jennifer Connelly is known for being part of movies like “Once Upon a Time in America” and “Dark City.” Born on December 12th, 1970 in New York, Jennifer Connelly began a career after her family friend talked her into modeling. She then sent pictures to Ford model agency, and it paid her off in big time as she received several awards including Academy Award, Golden Globe, and BAFTA Award.

Jennifer Connelly is another actress who has decided that undergoing plastic surgery will improve her chances in the industry. If you compare the pictures of the actress before and after the reported surgery, you can clearly see this difference.

Recently rumors emerged saying that she has undergone a breast reduction surgery. In the past, it was reported that she has received a breast implantation surgery to make her breast looks bigger. She used to have a breast size of 34D in the past. But her new photo reveals that she has a B cup or possibly a C cup breast. Her publicist has denied any possibility a breast reduction surgery that she might have undergone. But the difference between the breast sizes is clearly seen in the pictures. Jennifer Connelly’s waistline and hands also look thin. So we can’t rule out the possibility that it might be a result of natural procedure rather than undergoing a surgery.

Jennifer Connelly 550x309 Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery (Before and After pics)

She also reportedly had a rhinoplasty. She reportedly admitted it in one interview when she stated that she didn’t feel that her nasal and nose tip where in perfect alignment and she did get a nose job to improve it. But other reports that claim that she has rejected any claim of having a nose job. She says that her new appearance is a result of her new diet program. Judging from her pictures, she used to have a large round nose tip. It has been narrowed and the made look slimmer than before. With no visible scare on her nose, it is hard to deny her claims.

So far, all this are rumors. Jennifer Connelly and her publicist have come out to reject all the claims a rumored possible plastic surgery. But it has been a trend among the Hollywood actresses to reject any claim of plastic surgery as they try to prove their beauty is more natural one.

Even though there is possible proof that Jennifer Connelly might have received a plastic surgery, there are plenty of proofs that she might not have received one. As for now all we know is that she has told Dialy Mail that she will never consider having plastic surgery to improve her looks.

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