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Jennifer Beals Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jennifer Beals plastic surgery is attracting many people. Her appearance makes people wonder. American actress who played in the film Flashdance (1983) appears with a bit different facial features. Beside her nose, her flawless face skin is also triggering cosmetic surgery issue on her.

JenniferBealsPlasticSugery Jennifer Beals Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jennifer Beals Plastic Sugery

Jennifer Beals Nose Job

Actually Jennifer Beals doesn’t state clearly whether or not she has plastic surgery, especially for the nose job. But in many Jennifer Beals’ photos, especially when you compare her Before and After, you would find slight change on her nose.

In her young age, we can see that Jennifer Beals had bigger nose shape especially on the nose wing (nose ala). It made her nose looked flatter anyhow. But a different fact shown by her recent photos. Jennifer Beals has smaller shape in that part (nose wing).

Nose alteration can also be found on her nose bridge. Like her nose ala, the nasal bridge looks slimmer as well. In addition, the nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure has also made her nose tip more pointed. Jennifer Beals nose looks much better. She looks more beautiful with it, doesn’t she?

Jennifer Beals Botox Injection

If you are her fan, you will know better that Jennifer Beals is not a young woman anymore. This former teen model was born on December 19, 1963. Jennifer Beals is 51 years old. That age she should prepare herself for the attack of aging.

She has her own weapon; Botox. Botox is widely known as one of the fastest and the most effective methods to erase the aging signs on someone’s face. Jennifer Beals seems to having it too.

Beals’ face should show frown, wrinkles and other lines that indicate she is a half century old. Amazingly, her face doesn’t show it. As the proof, we can see in Jennifer Beals’ Before and After plastic surgery pictures, her face is flawless, wrinkles-free.

The best part of her Botox is, she looks natural with it. Unlike some other celebrities such as Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah who went crazy with Botox and got unnatural looks. Jennifer Beals should appreciate her doctor for injecting proper dosage of Botox. It makes Jennifer Beals to appear 10 to 20 years younger. What do you think about Beals Botox result?

JenniferBealsBoobJob Jennifer Beals Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jennifer Beals Boob Job

Jennifer Beals Boob Job

The result of boob job on Jennifer Beals is obvious. Her comparison photo shows it clearly. Beals’ breasts change both in its shape and size. She had smaller and flatter chest shape before. But boob job (possibly with breast implants) takes part. Jennifer Beals appears sexier with twice bigger boobs.

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