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Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Janice Dickinson was born to Jennie Marie and Ray Dickinson on Feb 15, 1955, in Brooklyn, NY. The middle daughter of this young couple, she was raised in Hollywood, Florida along with her two sisters, Alexis, and Debbie. Janice started her modeling career when she was just 17 years old. Due to her great looks, hard work, and a good attitude it did not take her much time to become popular in the fashion industry. She was dubbed as the first supermodel by herself and many others. The 70s and 80s were the best years of her modeling career. After that she became more focused towards her family. Then in 2003, she regained her popularity as the judge of America’s Next Top Model. This was her debut in the reality TV. In 2005, she opened up her own modeling agency, which also made it to the reality TV as a show named The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Presently she is well known as an author, photographer, talent agent and model.

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Janice Dickinson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Janice has tried to maintain her looks as much as she could. A healthy diet and regular exercise were among the things she tried. But at the age of 60 there was only a little she could do. Thus, she decided to undergo a plastic surgery to again look just as beautiful as she used too at the beginning of her career. Unlike most of the models, she was not she to admit about the surgery. And recently she displayed the hard work done by her surgeon by walking without makeup in California.
It is not only Janice who is proud of this surgery. Her surgeon, Dr. Terry Dubrow, has also been talking about it. He said that Janice was her most difficult patient as she was hard to control. The doctor had to put a lot of effort to make Janice obey his instructions. Another difficulty was the model’s past of being a drug addict. Dr. Terry was worried that she might start using again after the surgery. But now seeing her all fine and well, the doctor is quite happy and proud of the work he has done.

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