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Janet Jackson plastic surgery (before/after pics)

One of the hardest things being a celebrity is knowing that you are closely watched. Everything you do, every single move you make all come under criticism, no matter what. So when a celebrity tries to change the way she looks by undergoing a knife, it picks up a lot of interest than we can imagine. Tabloids and blogs will fill up with their opinions about the celebrity. The rumors of singer Janet Jackson undergoing surgery was also under a lot of media focus. Janet Jackson, the sister of legendary singer Michael Jackson, has also said to have undergone surgical treatment to improve the way she looks. She probably has learned it from her brother. But unlike her Brother, who is often considered as a plastic surgery disaster, Janet Jackson got it right in the surgery. She hasn’t changed a lot with the surgery unlike her brother, who was an addict of the plastic surgery.

Janet Jackson 550x309 Janet Jackson plastic surgery (before/after pics)

Janet Jackson is one of the celebrities who confirmed that she has used the help of a surgical procedure to improve her looks so that she can boost her confidence. Even though we still don’t know what the exact surgeries she got are, almost all the people have admits that it has made her look great. A lot of people admits that newly looking Janet Jackson is a lot better than before.

Her nose looks to have changed a lot. She has already admitted that she has received a rhinoplasty. Experts point that nose job has helped her to change the size of her nose to a small one with a pointed tip. She used to have a large bulbous nose with wide nasal cartilage. But as we can see from her pictures that were taken after the surgery, they have disappeared.

She has also confirmed the news of a breast implantation. She has confirmed that she got a breast augmentation when she as just 25. She said that she felt insecure with the size of her natural breast, which was so small and felt she wanted a change. And after the surgery, she now has a bigger breast.

after Janet Jackson plastic surgery (before/after pics)

The rumor of liposuction was confirmed by her younger daughter. She said that she had removed the extra fat with the surgery.

Thankfully for the singer all the procedure she has undergone has worked perfectly. Her enhanced body parts are in perfect alignment with her body.

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