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Iu Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures of Nose Job

Iu plastic surgery is one of the most talked among South Korean celebrities. Korean singer who has complete name Lee Ji-eun was reported to get beauty enhancement with plastic surgery. Iu herself didn’t openly admit her plastic surgery. But the rumor says that Iu has the work done at least on her nose. Did Iu get plastic surgery?

IuPlasticSurgery Iu Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures of Nose Job

Iu Plastic Surgery

Iu Nose Job

Nose job (Rhinoplasty) is so popular in South Korea. It is a common thing if many plastic surgery patients get this. Following the high standard of beauty in South Korea, Iu needs plastic surgery as her assistant to enhance her beauty.

This nose job is believed to become procedure she gets to reshape her former nose. However, we can see Iu before and after plastic surgery picture to see the result of surgeon’s work. Whether you believe or not with Iu plastic surgery rumor, we all would agree if Iu now appears more beautiful with her present nose shape.

Iu Eyelid Surgery

Actually nose job is not the the only plastic surgery that accused to Iu. She is also possibly getting eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). This procedure is widely applied on many South Korean celebrities, men and women.

IuNosePlasticSurgery Iu Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures of Nose Job

Iu Nose Plastic Surgery

This eyelid surgery surely made Iu’s eyes look fresher. It’s good to see Iu successfully transforming herself to be a more beautiful and cuter girl.

Other Korean stars, Sandara Park, Shin Se Kyung and Han Chae Young are also appearing better with eyelid surgery. See and compare their plastic surgery results.

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  • emily June 9, 2018, 3:49 am

    I don’t think IU got any surgery done. There are a lot of people who photoshop her face to make it look like she did and she looks exactly the same.

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