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HyunA Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kim Hyuna, or well-known with name HyunA is one of South Korean celebrities who was rumored to get several plastic surgery procedures. Public noticed that she had some plastic surgery procedures done since her photos in the past are much different with her today. Actually HyunA is still young indeed. She was born in Seoul, on June 6, 1992. With her 22 years age, HyunA should let people to see her aging naturally. But she seems to having different view. HyunA was reported to get the surgeon’s help for procedures like nose job, eyelid surgery and cheek implants.

HyunAPlasticSurgery HyunA Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

HyunA Plastic Surgery

HyunA Nose Job

The main vocalist of girl group 4Minute is strongly believed to get the nose job done. The result of it is good enough. HyunA used to have a bulbous nasal tip and a bigger nasal bridge. But the nose job (rhinoplasty) procedure has successfully changed her nose into a slimmer and pointier one. We can see it from her before and after picture, that her today’s nose is much better sitting on her face.

HyunA Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is probably the most famous plastic surgery procedures in South Korean. Many Korean celebrities who became plastic surgery patients in this country got the eyelid surgery. For example, let’s say names Park Bom and Jun Ji Hyun who got the eyelid surgery.

As the world knows, East Asian people have kind of slanted eyes shape, and for aesthetics reason they want to change it. To make it happens, eyelid surgery is the best way to choose.

So does HyunA. She used to just like other East Asian who have slanted eyes. But the eyelid surgery has changed her eyelid. She now appears with bigger and fresher eye looks.

HyunAPlasticSurgeryBeforeAfter HyunA Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

HyunA Plastic Surgery Before After

HyunA Cheek Implants

Cheek implant is another plastic surgery accused to HyunA. Although there is no strong evidence about her cheek implants, but many people believe that it were there on her face.

Public noticed that her cheek is much different with what she has in the past. These implants were believed to be the main reason over her facial shape change.

Although the rumors about plastic surgery is hitting her hard, but HyunA asserted that she and other members of 4Minute didn’t have any plastic surgery.

With those major changes on her face and body, HyunA looks like want the people believe that she is aging naturally. What do you think?

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