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Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Hyun Bin’s handsome look has been associated with plastic surgery since a few years ago. However the news about Hyun Bin plastic surgery is always becoming a hot topic to discuss. Until today, many people curious about his plastic surgery. So, what did he have behind his handsome face? Hyun Bin actually has been reported to get plastic surgery procedures at least the nose job and jawline reduction surgery.

HyunBinPlasticSurgery Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery

Hyun Bin Nose Job

Nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure has been linked with Hyun Bin since public noticed some changes on his nose. However the changes are subtle enough. We all couldn’t see it easily. But if you carefully examine Hyun Bin before and after plastic surgery pictures, you would find that there are differences on his nose.

Hyun Bin used to have a wider nose shape. See his nasal bridge. This part of his nose was wide and big enough in the past. But in Hyun Bin’s After surgery pictures we can see that his nasal bridge becomes slimmer. Not only made it slimmer, her nose specialist also made Hyun Bin’s nose bridge more raised.

The rhinoplasty procedure has also made his nose tip and nostril changing. It is now more pointed with different nostril shape for sure.

Seeing the result of Hyun Bin nose job, many people said that he became a bit unnatural with his “new nose”. It because the result of the nose job is not matching with his face. What do you think?

Apparently, Hyun Bin should learn from Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk. They seem to getting better results of plastic surgery of the nose job. (See and compare their nose job results).

Hyun Bin Jawline Reduction

Different with his subtle nose job result, the trace of Hyun Bin jawline reduction surgery is obvious enough. Even by seeing Hyun Bin’s Before and After surgery pictures at glance, we would see that his jawline has significantly changed.

HyunBinNoseJobJawlineReduction Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Hyun Bin Nose Job Jawline Reduction

Summarizing what his pictures show us, Hyun Bin used to have wide and big jawline shape that made his face looked, well, wider. But once again, the miracle of plastic surgery helped Hyun Bin. He now appears with smaller and slimmer jawline shape.

Although main actor of drama Secret Garden didn’t clearly stated he had jawline reduction surgery, but many people believe he did. It is too hard to say if the dramatic change on his jaw is caused by the weight loss. Hmm, what do you think guys? Share your opinions.

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