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Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Hunter Tylo surely is one of the bad celebrity plastic surgery examples in Hollywood. She ruined her face so badly. If you see Hunter Tylo Before and After plastic surgery pictures, you might be also regret that she has lost her beautiful face. As everybody knows, she used to have beautiful and flawless facial skin. But the overdone plastic surgery procedures changed everything.

So, what did she have for that ugly facial appearance? Hunter Tylo is known to get several plastic surgery procedures such as Botox injection, breast augmentation, nose job, cheek implants and lip fillers injection.

HunterTyloPlasticSurgery Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery

Hunter Tylo Botox

Deborah Jo Hunter or best known with the name Hunter Tylo was born on July 3, 1962, she is 52 years-old today. It is a normal thing if she worried about the aging signs on her face. Botox injection is a popular method used by many celebrities to fight the aging. So does Hunter Tylo, whom suspected to get a bit overdose botox. You can see the result of it in her berfore-after pictures. The pictures showed that her facial skin is too smooth for a 50s years-old lady. What do you think?

Hunter Tylo Nose Job, Cheek Implants and Lip Fillers

Nose job (rhinoplasty) cheek implants and lip fillers injection are other procedures that done by Hunter Tylo. Actress who portrayed Dr. Taylor Hayes in the American TV opera soap The Bold and the Beautiful seemed to over-worry about her face. Whereas we didn’t see any defect on her face. You maybe wonder what was her reason for taking these?

Unfortunately, there is no clear statement from Hunter Tylo to clarify her plastic surgery issues. However public, including the experts have strongly believed that Hunter Tylo went under the knife to “ruin” her face. Her nose was noticed to appear slightly different compared to her former nose shape. The nose job (or medically called as Rhinoplasty) has refined it well.

Unlike nose job, her cheek implants have given significant changes to her face contour. It made her face, especially on cheek area looked so plump. At the same time, the lip fillers added plumper lips. Combination of these two procedures created Joker smile on her face.

HunterTyloBreastImplants Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Hunter Tylo Breast Implants

Hunter Tylo Breast Augmentation

Actually Hunter Tylo has had big breasts since she was young. But today she is accused to get breast augmentation since her boobs appear in unnatural way. People then started to compare her former breasts with hers recent. From before after pictures, it’s quite obvious that she got new boobs. Hunter Tylo breast implants are the only possible answer to explain her bigger and rounder breasts.What do you think about it?

With such big boobs, Tylo seems to be having the same view with Scarlett Johansson, Christina Hendricks and Anna Faris who got the same works. Check them out.

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