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Hilary Swank Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Everybody loves Hilary Swank. Yes, beside she is beautiful, she also has brilliant talent in acting that able to hypnotize many people. It seems that actress who won two Academy Awards for Best Actress kind of perfect woman. She looks good, beautiful and has doubtless brilliant acting skill. But being perfect makes herself to several time be the subject discussion of plastic surgery issue. They say that she looks sexier today because she has spent some money and times to put herself under the surgery scalpel to looks perfect and amazing.

HilarySwankPlasticSurgeryPicture Hilary Swank Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Hilary Swank Plastic Surgery Picture

Hilary Swank Plastic Surgery Before and After

By observing her before and after appearance, many people said that Hilary Swank looked good both with and without plastic surgery. They then wonder about her motive to get the surgery done although she seems kind of woman who doesn’t really care about how she looks. But people then claim that the 40 years old woman is getting sexier because she wants to move on from her ex-husband.

We know that the plastic surgery speculation hit her life stronger after her divorce with Chad Lowe a few years ago. People say that Hilary not only looks more beautiful but also sexier. Did she conduct plastic surgery to move on from her ex-husband and find the new love to brighten her life?

Hilary Swank and Breast Augmentation Speculation

It’s true that Hilary Swank looks sexier today. One factor that makes us to say that is because of her breasts. Yep, we would agree that Swank has different boobs size with hers before. It then leads the speculation that she got plastic surgery for the breast augmentation. The chest space that usually looked widely empty now looks fuller due to her bigger breasts. Her protruding cleavage could be strong evidence about surgeon intervention on her breasts.

Plastic Surgeon Expert Words about Hilary Swank Plastic Surgery

Many people claimed that Hilary Swank got plastic surgery because of her divorce with her husband. But some people also said that she just wanted to return her body shape. A plastic surgeon expert like Dr. Anthony Youn said, “After her much-publicized breakup with husband Chad Lowe, Hillary Swank appears to have gotten a breast augmentation. People who have recently ended a long-term relationship quite often undergo plastic surgery. For many of them, it symbolizes a new beginning, or a transformation into a new person.”

HilarySwankPlasticSurgery Hilary Swank Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Hilary Swank Plastic Surgery

Although breast augmentation is the most highlighted procedure, it’s not rule out the possibility of other procedures, especially on her face. What do you think? Did Hillary Swank have other plastic surgery procedures? By the way, also check Meryl Streep, Gillian Anderson and Rene Russo with their plastic surgery results.

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