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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heidi Montag is a famous TV personality. She is famous for her appearance in “The Hills”, an MTV reality series where she was casted as one of the leading characters. She is much famous for her body and face that went several plastic surgeries, which even she admits that she regrets. It is common among celebrities to undergo the knife to keep up with the game. Kim Kardashian is a classic example for that. And now even young celebrities are ready to undergo plastic surgery.

The rumors of Heidi Montag undergoing a plastic surgery started back in 2009 when people began to notice the obvious change in her appearance. Even though she rejected all the claims, at first, she has admitted that she has undergone knife to keep up her looks. She has talked about all the procedure she underwent in various interviews. And in one such interview, Heidi Montag confirmed that she has undergone 10 plastic surgeries until 2010, and they have worked terribly on her. The list of the plastic surgery she underwent includes liposuction, chin reduction, face lift, surgery on her ears so that they pull back a little and a breast augmentation. It is really strange that a woman who is young as her has undergone so many surgeries. And many people still don’t understand why she decided to undergo a surgical procedure as she everyone admitted was she was a stunning looking girl before she underwent the surgery.

Heidi Montag 550x309 Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Before and After

Heidi has undergone boob job, and then an implantation before getting a breast reduction surgery. This is proven from her constantly changing breast size. Heidi Montag was having a C cup breast size before she underwent the surgery. She then increased the size to F cup. She was happy with it first as she was named among the sexiest women in the world. But then she had to deal with the health issues and then underwent a breast reduction surgery.

She had a nose job that has made her nose look more pinched and sharper than a bulbous piggy nose before. Many people acknowledge that this has worked really well on her because her newly shaped nose suits her face.

She also rumored to have undergone surgery at tummy and thighs as she now looks lot slimmer that she used to.

But unfortunately for her, the surgeries have gone bad on her. It has left many scars on her like chine, near her hair line, on her ears, thighs and her lower back. She has confirmed that I her decision to undergo those surgeries was one the worst she ever had. However, despite all this bad results, she still hasn’t ruled out of a possible surgery in the future to fix all the damages that her previous surgeries has done to her.

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